A safe and powerful place for Neuro Divergent Women!

Helping you wrangle your mental squirrels.

Neuro Divergent Boss Girls

Why Neuro Divergent Boss Girls?

Let's wrangle your mental squirrels. Those squirrels can work FOR you. You can create time and money without the chaos.

Live your best functional hot mess life! We will show you how to manage your time and create the money you deserve. 

Create a business that gives you time and freedom without the chaos!

Be the working mom, wife, and woman that looks like she has it all together all the time.  

Everyone can learn to be a functional hot mess in all they do and learn to do it in Style! 

Who are we?

We are 2 ADHD Besties who have learned how to create success in their daily lives and businesses and now teach other ADHD women how to create the function in their hot mess! 

Danielle is multi neurodivergent and has over 20 years in online businesses finding success in her own superpowers to currently creating an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency and coaching ADHD Business owners HOW to create a business and life they love controlling their squirrels and creating a business that is profitable and successful with less stress! 

Gina is a corporate working mom with a 1-year-old boy who teaches women how to budget,  organize and live their best life while creating the function that makes sense to the chaotic brain! As a Certified OBM and Project Manager, she truly knows how to make everything flow and calm the chaos. 

What we will offer each month:

* Distraction-Free platform (a community that functions as a social media platform, without the overwhelm of a huge platform)

* Weekly Accountability and Work sprint calls 

* Seminars in marketing, business strategy, profit growth, social media, budgeting, and more! 

* Resources when you need them

* Daily Accountability threads

* Weekly Live Stream Support

* Networking 

* Finding Function for your home

* and so much more! 

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