A safe and powerful place for Neuro Divergent Women!

Business and Mindset Coaching for Neurodiverse Women. Helping you wrangle your mental squirrels.

Neuro Divergent Boss Girls

Why Neuro Divergent Boss Girls?

With ADHD, it's easy to feel like you'll never get organized no matter what you do. And it's hard to motivate yourself when you lack that mental clarity.

And what makes it worse? Not having someone who TRULY understands how your brain works. Girl, believe me. I know.

As a multi-neurodivergent entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles. Despite a lot of hardships and nearly failing (almost taking my family with me!) I now run TWO super successful businesses – six flourishing businesses in total!

I learned how to THRIVE with ADHD and it's my goal to help you do the same.

With Neuro Divergent Boss Girls, you'll learn to:

  • Find success in every day.

  • Develop the accountability you need to succeed.

  • Master the skills to keep your home, life, and relationships running smoothly without chaos.

In the past, you may have spent money on a course only to...

A.) Never finish it.

B.) Discover it doesn't work for this kind of brain and functional mess.

That's why we use science to get our minds and bodies to do exactly what we desire! 

And that’s what sets us apart from other programs.

Using our techniques we’ll teach you how to:

  • Manage your time so you can make the money you deserve.

  • Create a business that gives you time and freedom –– without the chaos!

  • Become the working mom, wife, and woman who does it all.

Don't be a hot mess. Be your best self.

Discover how ADHD can benefit your business!

Are you ready to stop letting chaos rule your personal and professional lives?

What we will offer each month:

* Distraction-free platform (a community functioning as a social media platform, without the overwhelm)

* Daily Accountability Discussion Threads

* 3 Weekly Zoom Coaching/accountability/work sprint sessions

* Workshops on marketing, business strategy, profit growth, social media, budgeting, and more

* Access to the resources you need when you need them, or even created for you when you need them! 

* Networking and self-promotion opportunities

* Finding function in your home through accountability, ADHD tips and tricks, dopamine hacks plus so much more!

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